Our 61st BE weekend is on 8-10 March 2019 (Friday-Sunday)

This BE Weekend program is intended for those suffering the loss of a love relationship through death, divorce or separation who are ready to come to terms with that loss and begin to move forward with their lives:

•helps grieving persons focus on their experience and emerge from the darkness of grief into the light of a new beginning.

•deals with the natural grief process and offers an opportunity to turn the pain of loss into an experience of positive growth.

•is presented by a team of people who have suffered the loss of a loved one themselves and are willing to share their own experience to help others.

•Team members lead participants through a series of presentations followed by personal private reflection and small group sharing.

Email: beginningexperiencesg@gmail.com to enquire about details

or call Joseph (9661-8089), Mary (9755-4310) or Jean (9828-5162)

BE Singapore is affiliated to the Archdiocesan Commission for the Family